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BMW Genesis

A beautiful and apparently not yet dressed young woman is facing the camera with half a smile that is accentuated by very glossy red lips. The photographer has used sophisticated lighting techniques that emphasizes her cheeks eyes and shoulders. Her open-palmed hands seem to be caressing her shoulders in almost softporn fashion. This photo is singing the praise of the woman’s beauty. The woman’s character, however, does not come across. Her beauty is not personal but generic and abstract. She is, however, nice and likeable. Continue reading BMW Genesis

Women only as (long) serving Martha’s?

I grew up a Catholic. My mother is and always was a stout Catholic. Therefore I know that at least in the congregation where my mother went, women were the back bone of the flock. They were – and I suppose still are the one constant in respect of church attendance. But their involvement in the church does not stop there. My mother being one of the stalwarts in her congregation,  was only one of the many women who serve not only in the church. They were and are concerned about the wellbeing of the flock as well. In the process probably took over many of the tasks of the clergy (men). Continue reading Women only as (long) serving Martha’s?

Religion, Hate and Culture

Jyoti Singh Pandey and Anene Booysen

23 and 17

India and South Africa

These two young women lived in different countries, were raised in different cultures and did not know each other, but they had something in common. Both of them got assaulted, raped and murdered by a gang of men and died by their injuries in front of the eyes of their families.

It doesn’t matter in which country you were born or behind which boundaries you were raised, the hate against women is always there. The question is why. Continue reading Religion, Hate and Culture