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No time to smell the roses

I just got flowers delivered to me and I’m giggling like a school girl, feeling like the luckiest woman in the world and wanting to shout off the rooftops what a wonderful man I have in my life and how grateful I am for the male species. Then my attention is drawn to the headline on the paper on my desk and I’m reminded that another life has been lost at the hands of this “wonderful” species. No, I do not hate men and I certainly do not think ‘all men are the same’… I know there are some really good men out there, I can testify. However, it becomes a little difficult to recognise and appreciate them in the wake of what other men are doing. Continue reading No time to smell the roses

Working For A Women’s Organisation

Growing up in a chauvinistic environment with teachings of men being superior to women in all aspects (except the kitchen obviously), it was inevitable really that I was to grow into a bigot of sorts.  A woman’s place is in the kitchen, women are too emotional to have positions of power, women should stay home and raise the kids- these are but a few of the traditions imparted on and by extension instilled into me.

So coming to work in a feminist organization was a whole new and entirely different experience for me. I was dealing with a matriarchy here, a high mother giving orders, making decisions, with her fellow “subjects” who were all from the same species… Continue reading Working For A Women’s Organisation