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Addressing bias against fathers

One manner in which anti-feminists (feel free to read as misandrist women haters)  derail feminist arguments is alluding to instances in which women supposedly experience privilege. Following our facebook post on abusive women and malicious mothers, I did some thinking… and reading!

Often, the nay-sayers use the court system – and custody battles in particular – as an example.

It’s true that mothers are more likely to receive custody of their children in a divorce. But the source of the bias is not in the courts – it’s in the marriage. Continue reading Addressing bias against fathers

What makes a man marriage material?

This post was initially going to be about a woman’s “marriage-ability”, but then I realised that a big chunk of my life so far has been spent listening to old aunties telling me how I won’t get married if I don’t do that or “men don’t like this and that, they’ll bring you back.” It’s as though from birth, girls and women are taught to be good wives, how to please their husbands, how to care for them and so forth. What I often wonder however is, is there anyone teaching or telling young boys and men how to be good husbands, how to care for and treat their women right or how to be anything other than the revered “god” figures in their homes whose every needs should be attended to at the snap of a finger? Continue reading What makes a man marriage material?