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The Perils of Cooptation

In her book “No Logo”, Naomi Klein writes that ‘In the early 90s, the political agenda of the civil movements and that of the women’s movements were used to make brand-content and marketing niche strategies.’

What I take this to mean is that, the brands took a small part of what people were fighting for, increased the media visibility of women and minorities, then sold it back to us so we are made to believe that “great strides have been made in women’s empowerment, men are finally involved” and so feminism “will only bring a greater divide.” I have two problems with this: Continue reading The Perils of Cooptation

Feminism and Dating

I’ve been invited to go on radio tonight, and I’m told the topic of discussion will be “tips on proposing”. “Naturally”, these tips will be for men on how to ask women out, because, well, women just don’t ask men out… it’s “unnatural”. As I was thinking about what I’m going to say on radio tonight, I got thinking that perhaps I should go in with ‘feminist tips on proposing.’ I typed that on google search and in a nutshell, most of what came up is that be it in dating or marriage, no matter how liberal a woman “claims” to be, they like to be asked… Apparently we don’t like to have a say at all, we just pretend we do, but deep down we are dying to be wooed, wined and dined. Continue reading Feminism and Dating

The right to have your own value

Having officially joined the blogging community, we today are reminiscing about why – in a country like Namibia, which claims to constitutionally uphold the equality of all its citizens – the feminist cause is so urgently needed.

While in some regions of the world, people are already talking about post- and/or second or third wave feminism, I sometimes have the distinct impression that we, in Namibia, are still living in a pre-feminist society. Let me explain: Not very long ago I went to a meeting where there were quite a number of women. While I will not divulge the nature of the meeting, I need to explain that many of the women present that day stated that they no longer “can produce for a man,” therefore they are “worthless.” Continue reading The right to have your own value