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BMW Genesis

A beautiful and apparently not yet dressed young woman is facing the camera with half a smile that is accentuated by very glossy red lips. The photographer has used sophisticated lighting techniques that emphasizes her cheeks eyes and shoulders. Her open-palmed hands seem to be caressing her shoulders in almost softporn fashion. This photo is singing the praise of the woman’s beauty. The woman’s character, however, does not come across. Her beauty is not personal but generic and abstract. She is, however, nice and likeable. Continue reading BMW Genesis

The price we pay

I, like many others, am a frequent user of Facebook, not only for staying in touch with family and friends and work-related projects, but for entertainment as well. Today I just realised how much commercialised crap this kind of social media feed us with, especially if you are a woman. Let me introduce a selection of these ads: “Lashcurl- eyelash lifting treatment”, “S is for Studs- Cute Peter Pan collars and sexy studding are just so haute right now”, “Parlux hairdryers”, “Get slim with this trick!” And my favourite: “Diamond bra- your breasts are worth it”. Continue reading The price we pay