Individual articles

Vol 30#2 :

Editor’s Note
Chairperson’s Note
Quarterly Review
We Need to Talk About Abortion
Yes We Can
The Rights of Others in Namibian Patriarchy
Bridge of Hope
The GIMAC Award, for Real?
Christianity, Sexism and Domestic Violence
The Circumcision Myth
The Change
The Communal Land Act and Gender Equality/Access to Communal Land in a Divorce
Failed Twice/The Issue Is…
Kicking Poverty
International Women
Do it Yourself
Longifa Ounongo Woye Meemhito Keshe U Limonene Sha Shomondjato Nande Oukaana
Breaking Down Barriers to Treatment:Community adherence clubs, Zambezi region

Vol 30#1 :

Editor’s Note
Chairperson’s Note
Quarterly Review
Unapologetic by Elsarien Katiti
Nevermind the Setback by Elsarien Katiti
A Father’s Legacy by Vida de Voss
T for Hope by Terry Farrell
Caring for our adults with special needs by Anita Nangombe
Celebrating inspiring, passionate and dedicated women in ICT by Masiyaleti Mbewe
Queen Codes by Vida de Voss
Introduction to the Communal Land Act
Opportunities in Overhauls by Elsarien Katiti
Snap survey results report: Parental involvement in the career choices of women in Namibia by Anya Links
Brother Namibia: Ashwyn-Art activist for women’s issues
Fast Facts
International Women: compiled by Teresa Janz
The Issue is…
Nifty tips: compiled by Ronja Tritschler
What is Hepatitis E?
Caroline o keteka bosetahaba jwa bokgweleke le bothaga jwa gagwe

Vol 29#1 :

Wanted – more than just talent

Violence against women – a global phenomenon

The women’s march on Washington

Sisters in Art

Namibia and its arts

Haymich Olivier – Where dance begins

Ending Harmful cultural practices


Vol 29#2 :

Meet the women behind Namibia’s first Solar Powered taxi

King’s daughters; beyond surviving

More than a home

The way to go; climate-smart agriculture

What is voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)

The turn-around decision

A bag to amaze

The Blue Baby

Showing up as ourselves

Understanding anti-feminist arguments

The SADC protocol on Gender and Development is for you

Vol 29 # 3 :

When Stick-To-It-Ivity Gets Stuck

Like a Lion Watching Gazelles

The Issue Is…

Claire’s Footsteps Inspire

They Call It Cysts

Juggling it all

Facing Divorce

The Financial Cost of GBV: A World Bank Study

The Quicksand of cash loans

Divorce in Namibia: A Real Struggle

Seeking New Opportunities

International Women

Brother Namibia – Are you an ACoA?

Vol 29 # 4 :

Quarterly Review

Caroline Celebrating Community, Creativity and Her Creator

Kirsty Watermeyer, Fore-Runner of Inspiring Namibian Stories

Seeing The Unseen

Afrofuturism – Women, Queerness and The Future

It’s Better to Give


Women for Mental Health

Not Guilty

Breastfeeding Benefits for You and Your Baby

Marital Property

In Our Own Image

The Issue is…

Making a Puzzle for a Christmas Gift

I’m Telling This Story for You to Be Strong

What is Cervical Cancer?

International Women, Looking Back at 2017

Building the feminist movement in Namibia