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The Sister Namibia magazine is published four times per year and is designed to inspire and equip women to make free choices and act as agents of change in their relationships, their communities, and themselves.

The editorial approach is outlined as communicating openly, honestly, in a respectful and professional manner, as well as providing an opportunity for women to express themselves. It is designed to build readers’ capacity for feminist analysis, generating a greater acceptance of feminist critique among women activists and women in general. The magazine has a wide local and international distribution, through community based and non-profit organisations as well as subscribers.

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Our latest issues are now online!

The third edition for 2017 cover a variety of topics that include the male perspective, finance and gender based violence. Check inside this issue to read Claire’s Footsteps Inspire and her story on GBV, as well as many other inspiring personal stories. Happy reading!
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The second edition for 2017 is a mixed bag of green issues interspersed with “I” stories. In The Issue IS our editor takes a look at the current hot topic of “post-truth”. Happy reading!Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.20.19 PM

In this first edition for 2017, “Sisters in Art” focuses and celebrates various Namibian artists,media practitioners and crafts-women. We address the challenges and successes these phenomenal women have experienced and delve into what lies ahead for art in Namibia. Happy reading!

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Building the feminist movement in Namibia