Intimate Passion Killings

2nd August 2016 Girlfriend killer was nicknamed the killer

20th July 2016 Otjinene man guilty of murdering partner

30 June 2016 Our country cries out for peace                       h

29 June 2016 Man admits fatal stabbing of girlfriend

29 June 2016 Slain girls family forgives killer         

28 June 2016 Otjomuise murder suspect’s mother apologies

27 June 2016 Man kills 17 year old lover                     

New Era, 9th of February 2016, “Gobabis farm murder accused denies killing…I didn’t mean to kill her – Shilongo tells court”

Allgemeine Zeitung, 28th of January 2016, “Angeklagter verurteilt”,

New Era, 26th of January 2016, “Police officer guilty of murdering girlfriend”, www.

New Era, 23th of November 2015, “Girlfriend-killer sentenced to 30 years”,

Namibian Sun, 12th of November 2015, “Murderer accused denied bail”,

New Era, 10th of November 2015, “Man arrested for murder of ex-wife”,

New Era, 6th of November 2015, “35 years for murder of pregnant girlfriend… alcohol blamed”

New Era, 3rd of November 2015, “Man shoots lover in the head and kills himself”,

Namibian Sun, 29th of October 2015, “Man hacks girlfriend, hangs himself”,

Namibian Sun, 22nd of October 2015, “Kamati murder probe continues”,

New Era, 2nd of October 2015, “Man in court for murder wife, son”,

New Era, 28th of September 2015, “Man guns down wife and son”

New Era, 23th of September 2015, “Booysen family reacts to Barmans sentencing”,

New Era, 18th of September 2015, “Mariental resident murdered his girlfriend”,

New Era, 10th of September 2015, Gobabis man hacks wife to death with axe”,

New Era, 2nd of September 2015, “Teacher kills girlfriend”,

New Era, 4th of August 2015, “Outapi vendor kills girlfriend, commits suicide”,

Namibian Sun, 26th of June 2015, “Victim’s family heartbroken as alleged passion killer gets bail”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of June 2015, “Say its”

Namibian Sun, 22nd of June 2015, “When brutality becomes familiar”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “Second woman killed in a week”

The Namibian, 19th of June 2015, “Oshikoto man surrenders to police for killing wife”

The Namibian, 11th of June 2015, “Man shoots girlfriend, commits suicide”

Namibian Sun, 1st of June 2015, “Alleged girlfriend killer: I was the victim”

The Namibian, 27th of May 2015, “Security guard in court for girlfriend’s murder”

The Namibian, 27th of May 2015, “63-year old man shoots girlfriend, self”

The Namibian, 19th of May 2015, “Barman denies girlfriend murder charge”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of April 2015, “Man out on bail allegedly kills lover”

The Namibian, 23rd of April 2015, “Woman killed after paying boyfriend’s bail”

Namibian Sun, 17th of April 2015, “Brutal Windhoek passion killer jailed for 32 years”

The Namibian, 17th of April 2015, “Decades in prison for girlfriend killer”

New Era, 15th of April 2015, “Axe murder suspect arrested”

The Namibian, 15th of April 2015, “Girlfriend killer awaits sentence”

The Namibian, 13th of April 2015, “Young man guilty of murdering girlfriend”

New Era, 10th of April 2015, “D-Day for murderer accused Hange”

The Namibian, 9th of April 2015, “No bail for Outjo murder suspect”

The Namibian, 8th of April 2015, “Man kills girlfriend, self”

The Namibian, 7th of April 2015, “Woman hacked to death with panga”

New Era, 2nd of April 2015, “Woman stabbed to death by boyfriend”

Namibian Sun, 2nd of April 2015, “Girlfriend killer be sentenced soon”

Namibian Sun, 30th of March 2015, “Protection Order couldn’t save cop’s wife”

The Namibian, 30th of March 2015, “Murder Accused holds on to denials”

The Namibian, 27th of March 2015, “Oshakati Policeman kills wife, self”

Namibian Sun, 27th of March 2015, “Police chief inspector wounds wife, kills himself”

Namibian Sun, 25th of March 2015, “Boyfriend killer sent to prison for six years”

Namibian Sun, 13th of March 2015, “Court relives alcohol-fuelled boyfriend killing”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of March 2015, “Murder suspect claims self-defence”

The Namibian, 20th of March 2015, “No pause in trials on killing of women”

New Era, 19th of March 2015, “Delayed murder trial finally starts”

New Era, 19th of March 2015, “Murder suspect professes innocence”

New Era, 18th of March 2015, “Murder convict jailed for 35 years”

The Namibian, 16th of March 2015, “Pregnant woman’s killer gets 35 years in prison”

The Namibian, 13th of March 2015, “Wife killer jailed for 36 years”

New Era, 11th of March 2015, “Khoikhoi guilty of farm murder”

Namibian Sun, 11th of March 2015, “Farmworker convicted of girlfriends brutal murder”

New Era, 9th of March 2015, “Cop shoots girlfriend, commits suicide”

Namibian Sun, 9th of March 2015, “Police officer shoots lover, himself”

The Namibian, 9th of March 2015, “Passion killings mar the weekend”

New Era, 6th of March 2015, “Woman killed in frenzied knife attack”

New Era, 5th of March 2015, “Murder Suspect Denied Bail”

Namibian Sun, 1st of March 2015, “Passion killing accused says he retaliated”

The Namibian, 27th of February 2015, “Trial date set in birthday party murder case”

The Namibian, 20th of February 2015, “Court hears statements about fatal stabbing”

The Namibian, 18th of February 2015, “Witness recounts deadly shotgun blasts”

Namibian Sun, 18th of February 2015, “How my Dad killed my Mum”

Namibian Sun, 12th of February 2015, “Jealous husband attacks wife in ICU”

The Namibian, 10th of February 2015, “Man denies he murdered pregnant girlfriend”

The Namibian, 9th of February 2015, “Man strangles lover to death”

Namibian Sun, 8th of February 2015, “Woman killed, suspect flees to Angola”

The Namibian, 2nd of February 2015, “Man wounds wife, kills himself”

Namibian Sun, 2nd of February 2015, “Lesbian passion killing suspect in court”

The Namibian, 2nd of February 2015, “Love affair ends in deadly stabbing”

Namibian Sun, 1st of February 2015, “Man commits suicide after shooting wife”

Namibian Sun, 20th of January 2015, “Passion killing suspect in new murder charge”

Case Liza Kandovazu vs Richard Hange
Namibian Sun, 23rd of March 2015, “Break up behind brutal killing”

Namibian Sun, 19th of March 2015, “Alleged killer cut his own throat”

Case Gerhard Komeya vs. Maria Sheehama
The Namibian, 23rd of February 2015, “Accused claims shotgun killing was accident”

Namibian Sun, 19th of February 2015, “Former Cop laughed after girlfriend’s shooting”

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