Individual Articles

Vol 28#1 :

A government for gender equality?

Building transformational leadership among marginalised women

Gender work at the LAC


Out-right Namibia(orn) Waves the rainbow flag

Progress amd more progress – moving towards gender equality

The hope of pots of hope

The question of the namibian women’s movement

The sisterhood of Sister Namibia – linking you to your agency

We are part of the answer – menengage

Women’s solidarity Namibia


Vol 28#2 :

Grandma made me

No ending aids in Africa without protecting rights

Antoinette’s story

Side by side – caring for children with special needs

Can you hear me – deafness is not mental disability

Julien Cloete, Stofbakkies se blom

Interview with Ms Yvonne Dausab

Hitting the streets on wheels

From trauma to hope


Vol 28#3 :

Sports is more than just fitness

When you simply love the game

A community worker’s perspective on teenage pregnancy

Sports funding for women: A game-changer

Brother Namibia: Subduing an ancient beast prevent sexual abuse

Photo Essay: Fun in the Sun

Child Welfare Grants in Namibia

Ujama’s Story

State of (hetero) relationship play

Chores that help fight the flab

Did you Know you have social benefits?

Creating community spaces

TRANSLATION Okulya to longitha iitopolwa ine yomaiyuvo

TRANSLATION Mamakadi kwa ntunga ame

Vol 28#4 :

Accepting shame

Access to information and women

Hated pink roses

I am a man. I am a feminist.

Losing my babies

My silent battle with PCOS

Of mothers and daughters

Since my mother died

SisterPADS empowering us one by one

Yet another 16 days with higher rates of violence against women and children



Building the feminist movement in Namibia