Individual articles

Vol 20 # 1 :

Khin-Sandi Lwin – Passionate about women’s leadership

Going local – the Sexual Rights – Campaign moves forward

Elizabeth Vendura Hilger – Building a better future

Protecting children from child labour

Building the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe

Landscapes of violence

The five seasons

Women and Land

An issue of blood

Felicity Celento – Vitality personified

Kenyan women targets of violence

Strengthening the draft SADC Gender Protocol

Lobbying for women’s rights in Africa

Building lesbisn feminist thinkers and leaders

What can men do to develop healthy relationships with women?

Community Action – Ours is to inspire them

Community Action – Our daily bread


Vol 20 # 2 :

Cordelia Zvavamwe – Taking community health to a new level

Maternal and infant mortality in Namibia

Investigating women’s land rights

Landscapes of violence

Microbicide research in Namibia?

Gender and tabloids in Southern Africa – A study by Gender Links

Sandy Rudd – Shut Up That Hair

Sometimes I Cry

Every year, every day I am walking

Still Life – An exhibition by Ombetja Yehinga

Efano lomahepeko

Felicity Celento – Lewenslus verpersoonlik

Making the right choices makes all the difference

I am that girl

Open hearts, open minds

Know your HIV status, president calls on men

Community Action – Young Achievers – Youth with a vision


Vol 20 # 3 :

Living her dream – Helaria Johannes’ journey to the Beijing Olympics

I run

It’s all about self-love

Sex education in the wilderness

Please solicit your customers discreetly – The issue of sex work in Namibia

Sexual violence as a weapon of war

Pushing women out of politics

Civil society committed to democratic transition

From craft to art – New beadwork from Eastern Namibia

Cordelia Zvavamwe – Gemeenskap gesondheid na nuwe hoogtes

Efano Iomahepeko

We must choose life – Writings by Namibian women on culture, violence, HIV and Aids

Why we need women-only spaces


A fine Monday morning

What exactly are you covering, TRUSTCO?

Community Action – Empowering youth and women through Pots of Hope


Vol 20 # 4 :

Lucia Matibenga – Defending human rights in Zimbabwe

Raising consciousness – Meeting with women in informal settlements

Developing youth leadership – A workshop on feminism and HIV

Celebrating our achievements – Launching books and a photo exhibition in Kavango Region

Causes of violence – Understanding the perpetrators of violent crimes against women and girls in Namibia

Power to women and girls – Ending sexual violence in the Congo

Celebrating the launch of the SADC Protocol

A gift of a different kind

Omakuyunguto moshigwana shetu

Livey Van Wyk Samaria – Putting the past behind her

LAC calls for safe havens for babies

The Namibian Odysseus – Women’s sexuality in a man’s journey

Baggage Check In

So, I thought

Community Action – Dispelling myths daily


Vol 20 # 5 & 6 :

Connie Botma – Working for children

Put that thing away! Sexual rights are human rights

Taking the Sexual Rights Campaign north

Imagining our lives without violence

Stalking… What are my legal rights?

Sex workers demand rights, not rescue

Giving birth – Our fundamental right to an empowering experience

Farm women in South Africa stand together

Radio drama strengthens women’s voices

Taking back the tech!

Basic Income Grant transforms settlement

Margaret Courtney-Clarke – Documenting rural women’s art across Africa

Uugundjuka wa yakwa po

Livey Van Wyk Samaria – Ek laat die verlede agter

‘n Gehunker na Kalahari genot

Safeguard rights in HIV testing

The tyranny of beauty – A critical look at beauty and what it means to women today

Feminism is fun – Being an intern at Sister Namibia

Men too should go for fertility testing

Community Action – Changing lives through sport

Community Action – Twayapa Shotuyowe – A story of courage, determination and success

Building the feminist movement in Namibia