Individual articles

Vol 21 # 1 :

Jacqui Shipanga and Jacky Gertze

LAC calls for reform of school pregnancy police

Raising awareness on autism in Namibia

Sister Namibia launches Green Ball Holder Award!

Talking about abortion in Namibia

Documenting our courage – A writing workshop with lesbian people

Celebrating Tsitsi Dangarembga

Melissa Brandt – The silent addiction

Jacqui Shipanga and Jacky Gertze – Dryf krag van vroue sokker

Okuholola omadhiladhilo

Ekondjelo lyuuthemba wopaihulo lya falwa koNooli

Moving towards all human rights for all

Book review – Resource centre

A real man does provide care

Don’t women understand that having a job is no easy task

News Clippings

Sister Namibia gets REAL!

Sister Namibia turns twenty!

Because we are women


Vol 21 # 2 :

Bravo Sister Namibia – Celebrate and continue to fire and inspire

The early years of Sister Namibia

Forced and coerced sterilisation

Consulting the public on the new Child Care and Protecting Act

Let’s Realise! All Change Starts With Us!

Gender in the 2009 South African Election

Look at me! A celebration of women with disabilities

Gepraat van aborsie in Namibie

Omulumentu gwolela oha si oshimpwiyu

Women asking the hard questions in Zimbabwe

Working on a new world with Namibian men

Sister Namibia’s Green Ball Holder Award shows impact

Women’s empowerment through bicycle maintenance

Celebrating women writers – Resource centre


Vol 21 # 3 :

Maria Kapere leads the Council of Churches in Namibia

Sister Namibia magazine – A platform for the voices of women

Young women telling REAL! stories

Michaela Clayton stands for a human rights approach to HIV and Aids

Malawi government sued over abortion rights

Women mean business

Sharing my world through photography

Maria Kapere lei die Raad van Kerke in Namibie

Ngame okakadhona owala

Liberian women’s experiences in ending civil war

Swazi government in court over property rights

Resisting the male gaze – A reviw of the exhibition ‘faces’

More nominees for Sister Namibia’s Green Ball Holder Award

Changing the river’s flow


Vol 21 # 4 :

Dr Helena Ndume – ‘Miracle doctor’ restoring eyesight

Lucy Steinitz – Helping others keeps tou young

Withdrawn – Why complainants withdraw rape cases in Namibia

Claminig our sexual citizenship

Activists demand accountability in exchange for their votes

Women claiming citizenship

Silent no more – A campaign to end forced sterilisation of HIV positive women

Joining forces to implement the AU Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

The adoption option

Adoption in Namibia

Jacqui Shipanga na Jacky Gertze – Otava wilike osoka yovakainhu

Bewusmaking van outisme in Namibie

From good victims to victors – Women of Zimbabwe Arise

Feminist motherhood

Is she a boy or a girl? The fluidity of sex and gender

Feminism is indeed fun!

My feminist discovery

Galz & Goals – Empowering girls through football

More candidates for the Green Ball Holder Award

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Building the feminist movement in Namibia