Individual articles

Vol 22#1 :

Janet Matota – rural revolutionary

Margie Orford – Crime writer with a mission

Women – the losers of the 2009 elections

Children’s contributions to the Child Care and Protection Bill

Wife beating still acceptable in some communities in Namibia

Women in Iran fight discriminatory laws

I am a beggar no more…

Fighting the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

Gina Figueira – Looking through a macro lens

Roswitha Mushova-Ndumba A woman of courage

Who makes the news?

Promoting women’s access to the media in Namibia

Polygamy, promiscuity and progressive leadership

Transitions at Sister Namibia

Sister Namibia launches a Satellite Office in the North



Vol 22#2 :

First female Himba Chief Changing traditions trapped by party politics

Scorpion Zinc Mine celebrates International Women’s Day

Women have their say on International Women’s Day

Take your chances and work hard

Menopause confused with HIV & Aids

Celebrating 20 years of progress towards gender equality

Tears of Courage – Five Mothers, Five Stories, One victory

Healing of Memories

Vive le difference*… sort of

Africa cannot survive without us’

The Young Feminist Movement

Menstruation and me

Sister Namibia in Ongwediva


Vol 22#3 :

Challenging Attitudes, Changing Lives

Sexism in the Media

Are you a feminist, Minister Kazenambo?

What to do and know if you are raped

Who is unemployed?

The sound of the engine gives me joy

A search for Truth

Lunch with Lotta

Gently accustoming children to school life

We were Young

The issue is… Violence against Women

At the Summit with my Baby


Vol 22#4 :

Two women Two generations One vision!

Young and old learning from each other – The power of talking

Women need Women

Passing on the treasure chest

Doubly Disadvantaged, Doubly Courageous

Why Sex Work should not be a crime – Sex workers in Kenya care for their peers

Stimulating trade between Africa and the USA

What every woman should know about cervical cancer

A search for the truth part two

Awards for Sister Namibia!

The issue is… Still violence against women and children

Building the feminist movement in Namibia