Individual articles

Vol 24#1 :

No longer… a man’ Women take on the reigns

It’s a sister thing

A road map on the challenges of the mother-son relationship

Fathers or sperm donors?

Dancing your stress away

How to be aware of your environment and stay safe

Important things that every woman needs to know about Facebook

Through our own eyes

How to take care of your breasts

End discrimination & violence against sexual minorities

What happens at a women and child protection unit?

From 16 days of activism to 365 days of action!

Women’s agency in our relationships with men


Vol 24#2 :

Beata Naigambo – Life’s a marathon

Gaby Ahrens – Namibia’s Sharp Shooting Olympic Contender

5 reasons why women and girls should play sports

men March for Change

Beware of burnout! Why women need to have ‘me’ time

Sexual harassment at the workplace

Modern day slavery

Education still not equal for girls in Namibia

The benefits of staying active in old age

No woman is an island – Building support circles for women in ur communities and starting revolutions of change

Saudi women allowed at the Olympics

Sister Namibia clocks 9 Sexual Reproductive Health and Right’s Workshops, and tickles their funny bone!

The issue is… Nothing but hos, bitches, sluts and cheats?


Vol 24#3 :

Phenomenal women

Men changing the face of Performance Arts in Namibia

What to know about date rape

The problem with Olufuko…

Maintenance matters – a lot

Octoberitis Spring has sprung, so why are you tired?

Marriage – Who should choose?

Do we need a month that celebrates women?


Vol 24#4 :

Amanda Kaipiti – In search of a Dignified Life

Barbara Nyathi – Survivor stories

Women – Power, democracy and representation

Surviving silly season

Understanding and helping in adversity

Solar for the Soul

Can a man be feminist?

Staying safe on long-distance taxis during the festive season

Blind spots for women on the land pie

Healthy, Happy bones

Charity begins at home… or does it?

Killing women in the name of passion?

Building the feminist movement in Namibia