Individual articles

Vol 25#1 :

Raising my sons to respect women

Look, you’re a nice guy

Do we still need knights in shining armour?

10 things a man can do to stop violence against women

Real men don’t cook

Batman and Barbie, best friends forever

International Women’s Day

No tolerance for FGM

Who’s the daddy?

Hair today, gone tomorrow

When having a baby makes you sad

I am not a cat

Street harassement – A manifestation of long tradition of misogyny

What makes a man marriage material?

Where are the feminists in Kenya?

Working with a women’s organization

Perceptions of Masculinity


Vol 25#2 :

Women not allowed in techno-geek & gaming culture

Doris Goboza – Making her IT mark

Why do male gamers hate Anita Sarkeesian?

Abortion Chronicles

Standing up against elderly abuse

Safety on the internet

When art becomes a tonic

ICT creating another social divide

No Pads – No school

When the state decides on women’s bodies

On life and opinions

Time to change the message

Humans turned into cattle or a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs

Women (cleaners) reign supreme

Reflections on the Mini Revolution

How much is our government committed to women’s equality?


Vol 25#3 :


Fashion Design as a career choice for men

Gender-Based Curfews

Youth migrants and the challenges they face

Unwanted Pregnancies

Hillary Clinton – Too small to fail

Hair goes nothing

Khwe young women speak out

The risks of teenage pregnancy

Is it time for the sex talk yet?

Gender roles and gender equality

The man is the head of the house.. Full stop!!

Perseverance and all other virtues

I have a dream

Cervical Cancer

Y-Fem Amplifying young women’s Voice, Money, Body through Action!

Gender Based Violence

Sunset over the Kavango

Human trafficking – needs to do more


Vol 25#4 :

Waiting is wasting

Volunteering leads to gold

Choosing a different lie

Mothering others

How are we treating the future leaders of our country?

Gender-based curfews revisited

Worshipping the boy child

The real shebeleza

Christmas today, Christmas tomorrow

MTCT and HIV negative babies

Protecting women and children from sexual assault

Malala and Lady Gaga – Finding beauty in activism and courage

HIV and stigmatisationChristmas experiences

The issue is… 50:50 in local government

Building the feminist movement in Namibia