Individual articles

Vol 26#1 :

Muatje Uo Ndono

A View From the Top

Finding Purpose

Entrepreneurial Development for Women in Namibia

The Road So Far – 16 Days of Activism against GBV

Vox Pops

The Relationship Challenge

Calling for an Orange Day Coalition

My Name is Lizette

Culture of Rape – No Longer Entertaining

Emotional Abuse

Innovation in HIV Tests

AEAma Taqe ka G!ama Da’ama kota gheghemh sa koara HIV

Literature Review

Questions from an Angry Mother

A Man’s Perspective on Intimate Partner Homicide

Notes from our Readers

The Hour for Implementation is Now


Vol 26#2 :

Laura Sasman reflects on a nation’s independence and the promise of a new humanity

What Sister Namibia has meant to me

Nicky Marais looks back to 1989

What have men got to do with gender equality

Is the feminist movement still relevant?

The reality then II

Advancing to 50:50

Vox pops – Second generation activists

Legal reflection – Namibia National Gender Policy (2010-2020)

Review – Government-Constitution relationship

Summary of Out-Right Namibia’s Human Rights Report on LGBTI People in Namibia (2013)

Women’s safety – Lizette Since telling my story

Knowledge is power

Beyond the status quo


Vol 26#3 :

The girl with an army in her mind

Voices and hands

What can Frederick Douglas teach us about civic education?

The threat of girls’ education

First year students pregnant

Are you technically inclined?

Becky Shiimbi – Breaking the odds in the taxi industry

You are intelligent

ICTs – Doorway to leadership

Policy on learner pregnancy

Frans – The artist from Oshikuku

Lessons from MALTAS an issue of wanting it

Essays How I would change the Namibian education system, Poetry

Ebola – Effect on women and girls in Liberia

Namibia needs you


Vol 26#4 :

Women of steel

I discovered my purpose when my son was born

Life is too short to be negative

A Christmas story – The hole in the wall

Redhot’s Marinda Stein

Are women raising criminals?

The fate of foolish financing

2014 – A year of GBV in review

I am Precious

We care about your breasts

Wishful thinking vs reality for teenage girls – The situation in the Kavango

Marco’s women’s self defense class

Pads for personal power

The 2014 elections and their new voices

Building the feminist movement in Namibia