Individual Articles

Vol 4 # 1 :

The Ashbrides of Kwanyama

Die verhaal van Enda/Books for Daughters

Spot the Sexism

School attendance boys versus girls

Interview with Rosalia Shipike

Stop the Violence

Skool bywoning: meisies versus seuns

Help our Mothers take Care of Us

Exploitation of Women Workers

Women in the Informal Sector

Global Interests – The Mike Tyson rape saga

Global Interests – Court Says Pornography Harms Women

Global Interests – Glimpse the Reality of Honduran Women

Culture in Zimbabwe

Putting Gender First on the Development Agenda

Hepatitis B – Immuniseer Nou

The Story of Enda

Hepatitis B – Immunise Now

“When women are friends”

Vol 4 # 2 :

‘We Are The Mothers Of This Land’

Opening of new Women’s Centre

Women, Power and Violence – Breaking Conspiracy of Silence

A Basket Can Hold Many Things

Sexual Harassment – Mental, Emotional Rape

A Legal Victory For Women: The End Of The ‘Cautionary Rule’ In Sexual Offence Cases

‘Bang, Bang, Bang, We Shoot Them Down’

Wife Beating

When Adults make War on Children

Khorixas Women Stand Together

Oorwinning vir vroue: Die einde van die ‘Versigtigheidsreël’ in seksuele oortredings

Homophobia – What are we Afraid of?

Sokkies loop weg van die huis

The Police and Rape

The Myths About Rape

Our Mothers, Our Sisters, Our Friends

Vol 4 # 3 :

Health problems of women

Sustjie Mbumba tells how AIDS affects women

How much do you know about HIV/AIDS?

AIDS Facts and Figures

Healing the traditional way

Special Focus – Violence

Smeervrou verdien eie geld

Mental Health Care in Namibia

African Women’s Day

Toward a new psychology of women

Traditional midwife speaks

Gesondheidsprobleme van vroue

Kruiedokter praat oor genesing

Opinion – Easy way out?

Abortion – Difficult path for women

Illegal abortions in Namibia

Homemade body lotions on local market


Vol 4 # 4 :

Felicity Celento, an actress with vigour

Second time around for women and peace

Reclaiming history: Who was Johanna Urieta Gertze?


Crossing boundaries

Short Story “Catfish and a driver’s license”

Claiming ancestral land

Young and jobless in the city

Stop the whitewash!

Awakening of women in the church

‘Ons is net so vaardig soos mans’

I know, because I used to ask

Takambosho’s road to success


Building the feminist movement in Namibia