Individual Articles

Vol 5 # 1 :

Aukeigas revisited

Reclaiming History – Chieftainess Kanuni: Woman in Power

Audre Lorde was our sister

Alcohol and Cigarettes: Women consume more than ever before

Joining Hands Fighting Oppression

The tampon industry

Womentalk – Are tampons too expensive?


Profile – Susan Guerier-Mitchinson and her world of art

Putting women’s health on the nation’s agenda

Gender survey to assess effects of customary laws on women

Feminist from Sri Lanka visits

UNIFEM’s role in Namibia

Looking at Manlish – Where are the women?

Vol 5 # 2 :

Let’s Talk About Teenage Pregnancies

Womentalk – Teenage Pregnancy

Profile – Bessie Head: A writer who borrowed goats and sunsets

A woman’s place is in the forum

Women and the Labour Act

Speak out against wife-beating

The Politics of Violence

“Because Women Can Run Countries”

Reflections on “I Dream a World” exhibition

Komaan, Laat Ons Praat Oor Tiener Swangerskappe!

A Legend – Old Days of Hunger and Drought

Al weer daardie vreeslike gejeuk!

Natu popye kombinga yesimbapalo lyaagundjuka

Eyago Ndyoka Ewinayi

That horrible itch again!

“We Are Waiting For You”

Kids in Arts baan die weg na populêre kulturele uitdrukking

Look who’s playing soccer too!

“If Women Ruled The World”

Vol 5 # 3 :

Child Support – The money men don’t pay

How to claim maintenance for your child

News Clippings

Bessie Head: A writer in search of a new name for human dignity

Womentalk – Child Support

“I dream a world”

Rapists Terrorise Luderitz

Victims of War: The lives of women and children in Angola

16 June, Day of the African Child

Eyambindido Lokana: Oyimaliwa eyi ovalumenhu ihavafutu

Nghee unakupula oyifutila yokana koye

Colonisation of Women’s Bodies

Kinder onderhoud: Geld wat mans nie betaal nie

Hoe om onderhoud vir jou kind te eis

Short Story – “Mad Man”

“Right to Life”

Vol 5 # 4 :

Abortion – A women’s right to choose

My Body, My Choice, My Right

Womentalk – Abortion

Changes to customary laws Bring overdue rights for women

Voorbehoedmiddels – Kies die metode wat vir jou werk

Abuse Centre a first in Namibia

Queen Nzinga The Amazon of Angola

World Breastfeeding Week

Meet Susan Nghidinwa, mayor of Tsumeb

Omaligambeko yokukelela oufimba- Holola omuladu ou taundulu okukulongela nawa

Omalunduluko mo nghalelo yeemhango

Meet a Namibian woman writer – Ndeutala Hishongwa

Fighting second class citizenship in Botswana

Is there an environmental link to breast cancer?

Book Review – Tsitsi Dangarembga’s “Nervous Conditions”

Gcina is coming to town!

“Because We Are Women”

“A new initiation song”

Vol 5 # 5 :

Stand up for women’s health: Unanswered questions about breast cancer

The DDT-Malaria Factor

What is breast cancer and how do you check for it?

Liesbet’s Story

Free Breast & Pap Exams

Social Security: looking at the benefits and doubts

Womentalk – Social Security Fund

Nadine Gordimer in Windhoek

Rape in Marriage Exists

Angelina Ribebe, a woman in power

Cultural Festival

“Abortion could have saved me”

Oulinawa Wonghalopamwe: Okukonaakona omauwa noshoyo omalimbililo

Cancer (omukifi welonda) wokomavele Kutya oo oshike nonghee to u didilike

Dis Ons Liggame, Ons Keuse, Ons Seksualiteit Sê Vroue

Short Story – “Spending time with the women”

It’s Our Bodies, Our Fertility, Our Sexuality Says Women

“The Mothers”

“If I have to leave”

Vol 5 # 6 :

Women in anticolonial struggles in Namibia

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

“The African female writer has many obstacles to hurdle over”

Womentalk – International Human Rights Day

Polisie help slagoffers van verkragting

Wat om te doen as jy verkrag is

Short Story – “A fine Monday Morning”

Women Speak & Write Workshops

A Living Legend

Oomeme Momakondjo Okukondjifa Oukoloni moNamibia

Ehokololo – “Ongula Iwa Yomaandaha”

“Tuinmaak is goed vir jou siel”

Theatre for women’s rights

Women’s Soccer Kicks Forward

Demanding research for women’s health

News Clippings

Short Story – “Omafuma Frogs”

“In the Family”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia