Individual Articles

Vol 8 # 1 :

Stories of tenderness and power

Married Persons Equality Bill – What some of our lawmakers have to say

Womentalk – Married Person Equality Bill

Of fathers who don’t support their children

What is happening on CEDAW?

Short Story – “A cheated sister”

Thinking About Feminisms

You could plan your career while still at school

Just the job!


‘n Dieetkundige benadering tot VIGS

Wetsontwerp op Gelykheid tussen Getroude Persone – Wat sommige van ons wetmakers to sê het

Die waar- en valshede oor die wetsontwerp

Ontotwa-veta yUuthikepamwe mOondjokana: oonkondo dhopandjokana, omutse gwegumbo nuuthemba weliko

Aalumentu Mboka Ihaa Sapota Aanona Yawo

Contraceptives in Namibia Part II

Not my daughter!

News Clippings

“Knowing as Womyn”

Vol 8 # 2 :

Cocky Hahn and the Black Venus

Womentalk – Clothes

How to write a successful CV

Women and Child Abuse Centre asked to get house in order

Three cheers to married persons’ equality

Women strike oil, but no riches yet

Book Review – “Woman at point Zero”

Life on the Line

‘As to the future, my thoughts are wide’

Hoe om bankdienste te gebruik

Aakiintu ya mono olunza lwomagadhi ihe natango uuyamba inau yapo

Voorbehoedmiddels in Namibië en hoe hulle werk

Nkene to shanga eihumbato nkalamwenyo yo muntu ewanawa

Nenja mukentu wangu chiyangu/Hour Power

Short Story – “The new teacher”

Waag dit om te bel ‘n Lewe hang aan ‘n draad

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Vol 8 # 3 :

Can we expect a new chapter for women in traditional authorities?

An historical overview

Leading the Bondelswarts

Womentalk – Fighting for your dignity

New anthology of women’s writing launched

Caught between tradition and modernity

A storeroom full of pots

Women who love too much?

The Culture of Rape

Keeping up with your periods


Vroue wat te veel liefhet?

Die leiding van die Bondelswarts

Pokati komuthigululwakalo noshinanena

Efundula nOngerki

Okupungula iimaliwa otaku ku kutha muudhigu

Die spaar van geld kan in moeilike tye help

Voorbehoedmiddels in Namibië Deel II

News Clippings

“i am woman”

Vol 8 # 4 :

Whose abortion law will it be?

Opinion – The cock in the fowl-run

Opinion – To Abort Legally or Illegally, That is the Question

Poverty leads to sexual vulnerability in Western Caprivi

Speak out about violence against women

Womentalk – Violence Happens Everywhere

Testing the female condom

What will people say?

Curing LIKE with LIKE

Efundula and the Church

Job interviews and how to survive them

Stages of Our Lives

Wie Se Aborsie Wet Sal Dit Wees?

Praat reguit oor geweld teen vroue

Seksuele uitbuiting van jong Kxoe-vroue

Oointerviu (oonkundathana) dhiilonga: Nkene u na oku dhi enda

Tamaneka uuhahu hau ningilwa aakiintu

Okukuthamo omapunda otashika kala oveta yalye?

Is it more difficult to be a man or a woman in today’s society?

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Vol 8 # 5 & 6 :

No Time for Workshops – Katatura women help AIDS sufferers

Sexual transformation: a necessary step for growth

Live with your partner, not for him

Beyond Beijing – Rural Women’s Forum – A scramble for ownership?

Recipe – Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Stew

Where are we all?

Netumbo Ndaitwah: trying to strike the gender balance

Prevention is better than cure – Self defence training empowers women

Book Review – “Dealing With Rape”

Youth can solve alcohol and drug problems among peers

Natural cleaners – cheaper and more environment friendly

Womentalk – Year in Review

Research reveals important facts about domestic workers and employers

The Clay House Project

Seksuele transformasie: ‘n noodsaaklike stap vir groei

Waar is ons almal?

Geen tyd vir werkwinkels nie – Katatura-vroue help VIGS-lyers

Ongundu yOomeme mOmikunda: Ekondjelo lyaakiintu yomomikunda

Ekonakono olya mono uuyelele wa simana kombinga yaaniilonga momagumbo naalongeli yawo

Kape na ethimbo lyiigongi – Oomeme yomoKatutura taya kwatha aavu yo AIDS

Opinion – Abortion

News Clippings

“Black Feeling”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia