Individual Articles

Vol 9 # 1 :

Human Rights are Indivisible

Womentalk – Homophobia

What has the Married Persons Equality Act changed for married women?

Mother- or father-land? Women and Land Reform

Internet: a toy for the privileged or bringing information to the people?

Book Review – Cultural Warriors – The sexual binding of women

Opinion – The abortion debate: taking account of women’s real lives

A friendly haven for the abused and battered

Survivors speak out on violence

Rapture and Revelation – Exhibition of Jo Rogge

Moeder- of vaderland? Vroue en Grondhervorming

Womentalk – Homofobie

‘n Vriendelike toevlugsoord vir mishandeldes en gehawendes

Uuthemba womuntu kau topolwa

Omukwaniilwa omukiimtu moZimbabwe iinyengitha omithigululwakalo

Omadhiladhilo – Oompata dhekuthomo lyomala: okutala oomwenyo dhaakiintu

‘n Kalender met ‘n verskil

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Vol 9 # 2 :

Able and Proud

Practice and Determination

Bisexuality – Best of both sides or sitting on the fence?

Raised by an iron lady and reaping the benefits

A person learns until she dies

Violence against Women and Children – The Windhoek Hearings

Short Story – “That Love”

Book Review – “Personal Memories: Namibian Texts in Process”

The Rainbow Project

Pushing the Boundaries

International Women’s Day 1997

Aborise fasiliteite beskikbaar vir Namibiane

Biseksualiteit: die beste van albei kante of draadsittery?

Dyend teen die perke

Otaa vulu noy’ uvite uuntsa

Omukiintu omunankondo nomunalukeno

Ondjiviro ja mama Muningirua

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“My Lover”

Vol 9 # 3 :

Battle with body image

From beetles to combating desertification

Opinion – Democracy is a Gendered Relation of Power

Opinion – Political differences among Latin American feminists can teach us something

Nomfundo Luphondwana – a lesbian human rights activist

Short Story – “Saturday morning in the hardware shop”

Strong gentle woman – A tribute to Magdalena Shamena

Report on hearings into violence against women and children

Observations from a recent trip to Oshakati and surroundings

Vroue wat hulleself huisves

Verslag van verhore oor geweld teen vroue en kinders

Egamo kekuthomo lyomala, Egamo, komwenyo, Egam keopaleko lyoveta

Ekondjo nuutalelo wolutu

Aakiintu ya Homata

A putudhwa komukiintu omunankondo noshe mu kwatha

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Vol 9 # 4 :

Fight back! It’s a way to prevent rape

Womentalk – Demonstrations

Amathila goes it alone

Is Saamstaan still standing together?

Ceremonial leaders of efundula

Short Story – “A crazy ride to work”

Short Story – “Mr Tombo meets Mr AIDS”

Keep your judgement for yourself and your conscience for God/Women have been communicators all along

Enabling Insides

Igamena! Ogwo omukalo gwokukeelela ekwato koonkondo

Diproson, okelema ndjoka hayi vulu okulundulula olwaala lwoye

Amathila doen dit alleen

Staan Saamstaan werklik nog saam?

Moenie iemand op haar baddjie takseer nie

Consumer Column – Diproson, a clear start to depigmentation

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Vol 9 # 5 & 6 :

Cesaria Evora: the Soul of Cape Verde

“Compassion is far greater than God”

She who laughs last, laughs the longest

Consumer Column – That time of the month again…

Goodbye DDT, hello pyrethroids

The unsayable word – “Under the Tongue” by Yvonne Vera

Sexual Harassment: building solidarity among men at women’s expense

Womentalk – Sexual Harassment

Short Story – “Sister Talk”

Healing body and soul – A look at traditional healing in modern-day Namibia

We call them messing with women’s bodies, They call them immuno-contraceptives

Verbruikers Kolom – Daardie tyd van die maand…

Seksuele teistering die opbou van krediet onder mans teen vroue se onkoste

Cesaria Evora: Ondjimbo yomoCape Verde

Okwaaludha olutu nomwenyo – etalo lyepango lyopamithiguluwa pangashingeyi muNamibia

DDT kala po nawa, onawa pyrethroids

“Do you really have to say that?”

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Building the feminist movement in Namibia