Individual articles

Vol 27#1 :

The wheel behind ≠KHOADI-:: HÔAS Conservancy – Hilga

Namibian Women in Tourism

Donors and Namibia – Is a funding crunch in the pipeline?

Financing for gender equality in Africa… An uneven landscape

Combating poaching through art

Is it a crime to be gay in Namibia?

Women empowerment for food security

Women’s safety – A consideration with no exemption

In Limbo in the desert

Beading hands

50:50 representation – A step closer to the ideal

Breaking free for freedom


Vol 27#2 :

Things to know in an intercultural relationship

Ovahimba – A people with scant wesyern influence

The married persons equality act

Namibia’s cultural inventions

The Damara girl’s initiation into womanhood

The hope of a reading culture

Mentoring an essential for leadership

A symphony of culture

The controversial Otjiramue

Female images in culture that leads to violence

Cultural femicide

The issue is…


Vol 27#3 :

Fathers can be fathers

Men’s views of an ideal man

Boys are not beasts

I’m your daddy

I can go hungry but not my children

Men’s views – Dating a woman who earns more

The Chess Queen

Is cheating a male privilege?

Will I see tomorrow?

The 2015 Refugee Crisis

Sex work is a job like any other


Vol 27#4 :

Be an entrepreneur not a tenderpreneur

Colette Rieckert the woman behind the powerhouse

Dr Gaynor lottering, Phytotherapist

From knock-knock hairdresser to owing a salon

If I had your baby

Making a difference with sisterpads

Michelle Van Wyk – My father’s daughter, my mother’s friend

Political perspective on education

Storms Never stay

The continued plague of gender-based violence

The lonk between poverty and the R-word

Building the feminist movement in Namibia