Individual Articles

Vol 11 # 1 :

‘I was born with a red pen in my hand’

Is peeing in public a disgrace or just a little inconvenient for those who have to observe?

Single Fatherhood, Double Parent

Where is the new rape law, When will it be tabled?

Better fathering helps end violence

Giving birth at home…a local experience

Living with ADD

Solar Energy is the Future

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Chaos at home? Easy ways to organise yourself

Shack dwellers take future in own hands

Othewa oya kutha po omukundu gwomeya

Okusitamena puuyelele oshisithahoni nenge oshinima inaashi opala kwaamboka ye shi wete?

‘Ek is met ‘n rooi pen in my hand gebore’

Beter vaderskap sal geweld help beëindig

News Clippings

If men & women swapped genitals!!!!

Vol 11 # 2 :

Heading the churches: A portrait of Nangula Kathindi

Editorial – Breaking the walls of secrecy as AIDS becomes a notifiable disease

Creating a space for debate in the Forum for the Future

An overview of the Combating of Rape Bill

Women in politics and decision making in Namibia

Fiction – “To Ta’Lily”

Celebrating the Day of the African Child

Book Review – They call it circumcision…

Okuwilika oongerki: Uukwatya waNangula Kathindi

Edhiladhilomunyoli – Ekuma Lyuunanguwi Otali Teka

Forum vir die Toekoms skep ruimte vir debat

‘n Oorsig oor die Bestryding van Verkragting Wetsontwerp

News Clippings

Vol 11 # 3 & 4 :

‘Accessibility is the key’ says local authority politician Balbina Pienaar

Women challenge “government by men for men” with the Namibian Women’s Manifesto

The more they try to silence us the louder we shall sing!

Queen Nekoto of Oukwanyama

African Women Writers meet at Zimbabwe Book Fair

Transforming silence into language and action

Poetry & Prose

Omunyekadhi Omukwanyama

Uukwatya wontotwaveta yokukondjitha ekwatokoonkondo

‘Toeganklikheid is die sleutel’ volgens plaaslike owerheidspolitikus, Balbina Pienaar

Vroue in die politiek en besluitneming in Namibië

Namibiese vroue neem deel aan die verkiesingsproses

Khomasstreek werkskool ‘n reuse sukses

Omskepping van stilswye na taal en aksie

News Clippings

“Tell Me Why, Man”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia