Individual Articles

Vol. 12 # 1 :

Because I want to live – An interview with Emma Tuahepa Kamapoha

Engendering security in the SADC region

Women on the move with the Namibian Women’s Manifesto

Gender Awareness Month – March 2000

‘Human Rights are Indivisibile!’ Political parties support lesbian and gay rights

Men break the silence on violence against women

Oshoka onda hala okukala nomwenyo – Oonkundathana naEmma Tuahepa Kamapoha

‘Menseregte is ondeelbaar!’ Politieke partye ondersteun lesbiër en gay regte

News Clippings

“There was, in the beginning, only one voice”

Vol. 12 # 2 :

Norah Appolus: A woman who speaks her mind

“Real men don’t rape!” say the Namibian Men for Change

The Battle for Beijing

March 2000 was National Gender Awareness Month

Norah Appolus: Omukiintugoka ha popi ngaashi e uvite

Fokus op TV as tweede grootste oorsaak van sterftes onder vroue

Young, fresh and proud: The Omaleshe Dance Troupe

‘Meekulu’s children’ – Book Review

Feeling Yes, Feeling No – Video Summary

News Clippings

“Viva women viva!”

Vol. 12 # 3 & 4 :

We all have something artistic to give this world! – A portrait of Amy Schoeman

Achieving Gender Balance in Politics

The Namibian Women’s Manifest Network 50-50

Viva the Girl Child

Combating Gender-Based Violence in Namibia

Introducing the Female Condom

“I refuse to hear”

We must change today, not tomorrow! Namibian Men For Change commemorate International Domestic Violence Day

Short Story – “A Moment of Truth”

Ons het almal iets kunstigs om aan die wêreld te bied -‘n Portret van Amy Schoeman

Die Namibiese Vroue Manifes Netwerk 50-50

Okweetamo uuthikepamwe waakiintu naalumentu mopolitika

Omahangano gokutulamiilonga Omanifesto yAakiikuntu yaNamibia

A poetry workshop with Raman Mundair

News Clippings

Vol. 12 # 5 & 6 :

“A bird need two wings to fly” – Portrait of Nadia Ihuhua

A campaign chronoloy – 50-50 in government: Get the gender balance right!

Small things that make a huge difference – Using the New Rape Law to protect children from abuse

Do We Need Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Namibia?

Gender Scorecard 2000

Short Story – “Class-Outing”

LGBT Week 2000 – Re-affirming who we are

“‘n Voël het twee vlerke nodig om te vlieg” – ‘n Portret van Nadia Ihuhua

Etsyitho lyOkondoma yOshikiintu

Ongurameno yozondando zovira vyovakazenda vaNamibia 50-50

The Body Politics of Advertising

Building the feminist movement in Namibia