Individual Articles

Vol 13 # 1 :

Elizabeth Mongudhi – Namibia’s Marathon Queen

Women making their mark on politics: Equal pay and equal power!

Hawking in the City

The struggle for bread and roses – Highlights from the history of International Women’s Day

Elizabeth Mongudhi – Kakukutu miinano iile muNamibia

Die bereiking van geslagsbalans in die politiek

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Vol 13 # 2 :

A passion for politics – Parliamentarian and women’s activist Rosa Namises speaks her mind

Litmus test for human rights

Alison’s story – Courage in the Face of Death

International Women’s Day 2001

Omahololiyuvo gopapolotika – Rosa Namises oshilyo shoParlemende nomuungaungi gwiinima yaakintu ta popi shoka shi li komwenyo gwe

LGBT Week 2000 – Herbevestiging van wie ons is

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Vol 13 # 3 :

‘A hard act to follow…’ Profile of Gwen Lister

The femidom is launched!

Making peace with HIV

Fighting For Their Land

Supporting the Men’s Movement

‘Oshilonga Inashi Monika Nale…’ Ondjokonona yaGwen kuTanya Nel

Seksuele Regte is Menseregte

Short Story – ‘I know this is selfish’

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Marching for Human Rights

Vol 13 # 4 :

Women aim for gender balance in politics

What do the political parties say?

From Snyfontein to Oshikuku- women making history

The Fellowship of Women

Sexual Orientation and ‘Ubuntu’

The personal is political – Sister workshop on genders and sexualities

Uuthemba wOpaihulo nawo Uuthemba wOmuntu

50/50 Veldtog om Geslagsgelykheid in Politiek te bereik neem hul werkswinkels landwyd

‘Home at last’

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Testimony Through Art

Vol 13 # 5 & 6 :

Traditional leader wants to bridge traditional and modern political structures

Where there is political will, there is a way – A report on the 50/50 Campaign

A law may look great on paper, but…

Are Women Becoming Empowered?

The Invisible Half – Women Needed in Peace Talks

Sexual Rights are Human Rights

Putting love before the law – Churches debate the issue of homosexuality

Understanding ourselves and claiming our rights as lesbian, bisexual and transgender women

‘Grids’ by Nicky Marais

She’s got what it takes!

Aawiliki yopamuthigululwakalo oya hala okukwatakanitha omalutu gopapolitika gonale kumwe naangoka gopashinanena

Ngele ehalo lyopapolitika opo li li…Ehokololo kombinga yOshikonga sho50/50

Ondjokonona pafupi yEkwatathanohangano lyOmanifesto yAakiintu muNamibia

Omulandumpango gwaakiintu moNamibia 50-50 Aakiintu naalumentu mepangelo naa thike pamwe!

Huis van Veiligheid is van Vreugde

Die Namibiese Vrouemanifes-Netwerk 50-50 Vroue en mans in die regering – kry die balans reg!

Running in the fast lane: a portrait of Agnes Samaria

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Many things are possible


Building the feminist movement in Namibia