Individual Articles

Vol 14 # 1 :

Dr. Zephania Kameeta – The People’s Bishop

Gender inequality fuels spread of HIV and AIDS amongst women

Living in the desert, Surviving off the land…

Taking stock of the 50:50 Campaign

The Purple Violet of Oshaantu

Dr. Zephania Kameeta – Die mense se biskop

Geslagsongelykheid versprei MIV en Vigs

Okwaahenuuthikepamwe otaku taandelitha oHIV noAIDS

News Clippings

Murals Against Violence

Vol 14 # 2:

Inatu Indongo – How it feels for a girl

Putting CHILDREN FIRST with new Maintenance Act

The global 50:50 Campaign gains momentum

Zimbabwe women call for new elections

Okangala kokOshaantu – Omunyoli – Neshani Andreas

Inatu Indongo-Nhumbi shi li okukala okakadona

Kinders Eerste-se nuwe Onderhoudswet

Lewe in die woestyn, Oorleef op die land…

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“You gave me so much”

Vol 14 # 3 :

Katrina Garises – community activist with a mission

Are women READY for political office?

Healing – an act of courage

Vulnerable witnesses need protection

Challenging sexual norms with the Sexual Rights Campaign

Katrina Garises-gemeenskapsleier met ‘n roeping

Waarom is dit belangrik om ‘n testament te he?

Oveta ompe yosapoota oya tula aanona komeho

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Short Story: “That Love!”

Vol 14 # 4 :

Ida Kaaronda – Mourning Maureen

You will be please to know that Maureen Katjatako is DEAD

Treat people now!

Analysing the impact of 50:50…and planning a new campaign

Mud Hut Trading takes up the Fair Trade Challenge

Ida Kaaronda – mOruhoze rwaMaureen

Okukuthapo omithigululwakalo nOshikonga shUuthemba wOpaihulo

Veldtog vir Seksuele Regte bevraagteken seksuele norme

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Vol 14 # 5 & 6 :

Surviving Domestic Violence – Anna Jakob’s story

Why we need it NOW! Combating of Domestic Violence Bill

Civil society shocked by parliamentary debate on Domestic Violence Bill

Urgent need to protect babies from AIDS

Moureen’s legacy is alive in Walvis Bay

Kavango girls show maths and science are female : Viva the girl child!

Personal voice, rhythm, inspiration…girls improve their writing skills

Short Poems

Are Women Citizens?

Globalise THIS! Women’s rights in development

Artists Against AIDS

Oorlewe huishoudelike geweld – Anna Jakob se storie

Kwesbare getuies moet beskerm word

Dringende behoefte om baba’s teen Vigs te beskerm

Oveta yokukondjifa Omahepeko Omomaumbo – Omolwashike twe i pumbwa paife

Omatestamendi nuuthiga

Short Story – “Sister Talk”

News Clippings

Should stepparents be responsible for their stepchildren?

Raising AIDS Awareness Through Quilts

Building the feminist movement in Namibia