Individual Articles

Vol 15 # 1 & 2 :

Telling Real Stories

Gender & The Law-Gender Scorecard 2002

Women are marching and mourning

Dignity Spills

Trial-awaiting women prisoners

Cultural tourism in Mondesa

Abortion law reform ruled out for now

Promoting women’s sexual rights

Sweet Honey Nights

Short Stories for Long Moments of Peace

Sampakanga-wilkie – Ta hokolola ehokololo loshili

Ompumbwe yoomeendelelo okugamena uuhanona komukithi gwoAIDS

Die Wet op Bekamping van Huishoudelike Geweld- Waarom ons dit nou nodig het

Vol 15 # 3 :

Alexis Ncube – Different and Able

African Protocol on Rights of Women takes one step forward

Treatment for HIV and AIDS to become a reality

in Zambia…A Turning Point of Customs

Everything Will Come to Light – research on female desires in Africa

Women who protect the wilderness

Alexia Ncube-Anders en Bekwaam

Ovanhu ovo ihava dulu okuliamena ova pumbwa eameno

The rise of Rehmat Bibi-From block printer to bank director

News Clippings – South Africa’s First Female-Led Party Launched

News Clippings – Swaziland’s tragedy – No room in heaven for miniskirts

Girls’ writing club tackles-Sugar Daddies

Vol 15 # 4 :

Bience Gawanas-taking on the challenges of social transformation

African Union-adopts protocol on the rights of African women

Engendering Local Government – a new focus of the 50:50 campaign

Is there a future for women in Southern Africa?

Amina Lawal is free-Are We?

African women unite against AIDS

Celebrating the creativity of rural women

‘Ikhoba Textiles

Bience Gawanas-aanvaar die uitdaging van maatskaplike veranderinge

Behandeling vir MIV en vigs word ‘n werklikheid

Alexia Ncube-Okwa yooloka ashike ota dulu

Mozambia…Ovayandjimayele vomeehombo oha va pitikwava nyaye ounona momatundji

Creative writing from the Girls Voice writing club-New neighbourhood


Building community through radio-The Revival of KCR

Vol 15 # 5 & 6 :

Gisella !Haoses-I have nothing to stand back for

Research reveals devastating findings on the extent of Domestic Violence

Seeking shelter in a safe and friendly haven

Community Action…Women Support Women

How to get a Protection Order

Campaign to stop violence against lesbian women in South Africa

Kampala Declaration to prevent gender-based violence in Africa

Respecting our elders-First national consultative conference of older people

Putting sexual and reproductive choice on the SADC agenda

Zimbabwe-Making the majority visible

Zimbabwe-Bulawayo, 24 July 2003-Women were so brave that day

2003 Africa Prize Laureates

Gender balance in politics is becoming a reality in Africa!

Reaching all corners of Namibia with the 50:50 Campaign

Ellen Masule-master potter

Not Ashamed, But So Ashamed

Gisella !Haoses-Ek het niks om voor terug te staan nie

Die Namibiese Vrouemanifes Netwerk 50-50 Vroue en Mans in die plaaslike regering-kry die balans reg!

Kry’n Beskermingsbevel

Bience Gawanas-Ta kufa omashongo okutungulula onghalafano

Oukumwe Wovaafrika -owa tambula ko omaufolandulafano e na sha nomaufemba ovakainhu Ovaafrika

Iranian feminist wins Nobel Peace Prize

106.2 FM-voice of the people

News Clippings

Building the feminist movement in Namibia