Individual articles

Vol 16 # 1 & 2 :

Fired up for change

Open letter to Speaker of National Assembly

Goodbye Women’s Solidarity

Healing communities from violence

Education of girls not on par with boys

Girls understand democracy

All Africa Symposium on HIV and human rights for lgbts

Community Action – The Young Women’s Christian Association

No sugar daddies here!

Oorgehaal vir verandering

50:50 Veldtog verseker geslagsbalans op plaaslike owerheidsvlak

Efiloshisho lounona va dalwa pondje yohombo

Omapekapeko okwa ulika oidjemo yomahanauno oo a etifwa komahepeko omomaumbo

Nhumbi to mono Elombwelo Lokuamenwa

Ringing up the Changes – Gender in Southern African Politics

!Nara is life!


Vol 16 # 3 :

Ottilie Abrahams – Passionate about education for liberation

Engendering local government

Political participation of women with disabilities

Patricia Ochurus – Born to sing

Survey findings launched on treatment for people living with Aids

Facing the future together

From prisoner to presidential candidate

Namibian Women’s Network

Photographer on the rise – Bringing dire socio-economic conditions to the front pages

Ottilie Abrahams – Passievol oor onderwys vir bevryding

Okuvelulu oshiwana momahepeko Eengerki eenghwaLuther tadi popi

Vagina Warriors – An Emerging Paradigm, An emerging Species


Vol 17 # 4 :

Dianne Hubbard – Making the law relevant & accessible

SADC leaders soft on gender justice

Gender balance for Regional Government

Standing up for their rights – Coalition of African Lesbians formed in Windhoek

Lesbian Activist Murdered in Sierra Leone

Namibian Women’s Writing Project

Experiencing the…

Dianne Hubbard – Landswette moet toepaslik en toeganglik wees

Geslagsbalans vir Streekrade

First Southern African Gender and Media Awards presented in Johannesburg

Power to the region – GEMSA is born

Women of Zimbabwe Arise …and get arrested


Vol 17 # 5 & 6 :

Neshani Andreas – A passion for writing

Write, sister, write

Far from 50:50!

Gender Scorecard 2004

Report the violence!

Promoting the human rights of all women in Namibia

Moving forward, backward or on the same sport

Peace-building in Berlin

US volunteers support Namibian learners, especially girls

Community Action – The Omaheke San Trust

An exhibition by Jo Rogge – recovery n.

Neshani Andreas – ‘n passie vir skryf

Vroue en Vigs

Ekufombinga lovakainhu ve na ouleme mopolitika

Wangari Maathai waKenya a findana Oshishani shOmbili shomudo 2004

Ovakainhu no-AIDS

Omaufemba ovakainhu opaundjolowele nopaidalifilyo

Opinion – One more for the women

An exhibition by Susan Mitchinson – Dreams keep us alive, Beauty gives us hope

Building the feminist movement in Namibia