Individual articles

Vol 17 # 1 :

Beata Shihepo – A challenge to women

International Women’s Day – What does it mean to men?

Protesting the violence against women and children

What is paedophilia?

Stop the war!

Put yourself in her place

Windows of hope for our children

Playing with light – Te photography of Gina Figueira

Beata Shihepo – Oku li Eshongo kOvakainhu

Bevordering van menseregte vir alle vroue in Namibie

Swanger Vrou

Zimbabwe – Joyce no cause for rejoicing

Zimbabwe – An election to quicken Zimbabwe Sunset

Zimbabwe – Put me back in my house

Zimbabwe – A tragedy of lives

Community Action – Namibia National Association of Women in Business

What is art?


Vol 17 # 2 :

Christi Warner – A life committed to the arts

Children’s Status Bill delayed by controversy

One person, one marriage!

Free at last

Women’s Solidarity Namibia launched

Living with schizophrenia takes courage

Reflections on my time at Sister

Beijing Minus 7 Plus 3

Coalition of African Lesbians

Young women learn to lead

Uitani – Children’s radio programme on KCR

Desert Textures – Five Seasons – Photography of Amy Schoeman

Christi Warner – ‘n lewe gewy aan die kunste

Women arrested and abused in Zimbabwe

Testimony of a member of WOZA

Obituary – Yvonne Vera

Windows of hope for our children

Speaking Out!

Community Action – NAPPA – Evolving with the youth

Africa Action – Akina Mama wa Afrika

Painting as an expession of freedom – Art by Doreen Kaulinge


Vol 17 # 3 :

Bertchen Kohrs – Courageous champion of the environment

Ramatex – Empowering or exploiting women?

Women claim their right to property and inheritance

Who reads Sister Namibia

Women’s control over their sexual lives

Quilting Martha’s life

Schools challenge hunger, in Lesotho

World march of women

Bertchen Kohrs – Dapper stryder vir die omgewing

Ondjodi inai twa

Changing cultural norms and values in the times of HIV and Aids

Community Action – JCC

Africa Action – Gender Links


Vol 17 # 4 :

Natasha Tibinyane – A woman with voice

Do we need another uranium mine in Namibia

‘No peace in the marriage’

In our own words – A Lesbian Writing Workshop

Mobilising for women’s rights in Africa

16 Days of no violence against women

Inatu Indongo – Shades of Gray

Natasha Tibinyane – ‘n Vrou wat haar stem laat hoor

Ovakainhu tava pula aufemba wavo womaliko nomafyuululo

Southern Girls Conference

Break the cycle

Community Action – Disadvantaged women empowering themselves at KWID

Community Action – KCR 106.2 FM relaunched


Vol 17 # 5 & 6 :

Dr. Becky, R.K. Ndjoze-Oje – Apassion for education

African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women comes into force

Choose between marriage and life?

Potential problems with the revised Children’s Status Bill

NANGOF calls for amendments to the Children’s Status Bill

Home is a dangerous place for many women

Zimbabwe – Girls rise up and sing about abuse

Moving on and reaching out to others

The caring Namibian man

Vagina Monologues in town

Still searching for peace – The plight of ex-fighters

What people want in the news… Namibia Gender and Media Audience Study

Community Action – Penduka

Dousing violence against women with water

Dr. Becky, R. K. Ndjoze-Ojo – Passievol oor onderwys

Natasha Tibinyane – Omukainhu e na ewi

Life after Grade 12

How to write your CV

Taking our lives in our own hands… our right to survive HIV and AIDS

Living one day at a time



Building the feminist movement in Namibia