Individual articles

Vol 18 # 1 & 2 :

Naomi Kisting – We can change the face of the world

Listen to the people on the Children’s Status Bill

Dr. Maria Fisch – A life for the Kavango

Women’s Solidarity Namibia is launched

Letter to President – Hifikepunye Pohamba

Challenging cultural practices that expose women to HIV and Aids

Broken bodies – broken dreams

Women’s call for peace

Imagine a woman

South African women make big gains in local elections

Documenting the Indian Women’s Movement through its posters

Naomi Kisting – Ons kan die aangesig van die wereld verander

Omulumenhu omuNamibia omunashisho

Ota i komesho a ka fike kuvakwao

Who makes the news?

Tunakie Uushona – Queen of Otyaka

Community Action – Reaching out to the youth through Ombetja Yehinga

We need to talk about suicide

Caring for others helps me take care of myself


Vol 18 # 3 :

Natasha Lamoela – Developing the magical world of theatre

Who will clean up after Ramatex?

Life after the flood in Dolam

365 days of action to end gender violence in South Africa

Picking up the pieces in Zimbabwe

The time to promote the human rights of African women is now

Community Action – The Rainbow Project – A lesson in pride

Protecting the rights of sexual minorities in Africa

Living like dolphins

Hoolola pokati kohombo nomwenyo?

Tunakie Uushona – Omumbada wotyaka (Queen of Otyaka)

Natasha Lamoela – Ontwikkel die magiese teaterwereld

Margie Orford catches the bad guys

Why I write poetry… – An interview with Bibi Gava

Be good to yourself! Learn to cope with stress

Opinion – Cracking the soccer code – the beautiful game is for everyone


Vol 18 # 4 :

Anita Isaacs – Starting life anew with HIV and Aids

Poetic Healing – Exploring love in the times of HIV and Aids

What is a ‘man’? A study an masculinity and adolescence

Friendly Haven Shelter celebrates ist 10th Anniversary

From 16 to 365 days of action

Strike a woman, strike a rock – remembering the Women’s March

Another world is Possible!

Namibia’s phenomenal young women

Friends for Life

Memory and magic

Anita Isaacs – a hovela onghalamwenyo ipe nombuto yo HIV no AIDS

Breek die kringloop van geweld

Coalition of African Lesbians defends rights of all women

Lesbian and bisexual women’s health

Be good to your body… and your body will be good to you


Vol 18 # 5 & 6 :

Sema Shejavali – Pioneering the future and capturing the past

Break the silence, get past the noise

The Granny Revolution

Reflections on the Toronto Aids Conference

The Hostel Monologues – Raising real life issue for debate

Women at the coal face

No progress in combating violence

Enough is Enough! Marching for peace in Gobabis

Bicycles for women

LGBTI Namibians speak out

UN defends rights of sexual minorities in Cameroon

Media diversity – A growing movement

Christine Marais – A natural artist

Mystic Desert – Photography by Amy Schoeman

Selma Shejavali – Omukokoli gwiinima yonakuyiwa nomukoneneni gwonakuziwa

Community Action – Facilitating caring communities

Anita Isaacs – Begin die lewe van nuuts af met HIV en Aids

Bi Kidude – A living legend

Drum Rider – A tribute to Bi Kidude

Community Action – Supporting most vulnerable children & creating a legacy of conservation

Community Action – One love, one Namibia

News from Sister Namibia

Building the feminist movement in Namibia