Individual articles

Vol 19 # 1 :

Karolina Pieters – Making things happen in Maltahoehe

Measuring progress on women’s right


Meeting to thrash out gender violence

Speak out!

Who am I?

The HIV risk of saying I Do

The Osire Women’s Centre – working in isolation

In spite of flight and homelessness

Nyeka ye Pumba

Karolina Pieters – laat dinge gebeur op Maltahoehe

Natango ota kongo ombili – Onghalo idjuu omo mu na oonakulwa vakulu

World Social Forum – An absence of politics

Just hope a little while longer

My vagina is coming

Community Action – Working for peace


Vol 19 # 3 :

Linda Magano Baumann – Champion for the rights of sexual minorities

Touring queer Johannesburg

Martha Amupolo – Changing perceptions

Building the African LGBTI movement

Namibia’s first national conference on gender-based violence

Safe abortions for women in Mozambique

Using the media for advocacy on HIV

Learning to be a dad

Because I am a girl, I must study

Straight talk with straight friends – building bridges

Linda Magano Baumann – Omukondjeli womaufemba oungudu vanini vovanhu voukashike u lili

Oh, valumenhu

Sekai Holland – Mishandel deur Mugabe se skurke

Taking care of our spine

A special bond with horses

Community Action – Raising the standard in Kazauli


Vol 19 # 4 :

Isabella Guriras – Traditional leader forcused on women’s rights

Rape in Namibia

Gender and local government – Developing a strategy for Namibia

Crossing the ‘gay – straight’ divide

A Zulu whirlwind changes lives in Namibia

Claming our right to survive

Namibia’s girls – Our greatest resource

Rites of Passage

Isabella Guriras – Tradisionele leier fokus op vroueregte

Elundululo loilonga – Otali eta ongeshefa iwa mo Tanzania

Missing the mark? Gender and advertising in Southern Africa

Being there to care

Keeping our bones strong and healthy

Back to school

5 minutes of pleasure

Opinion – What’s medical aid got to do with it


Vol 19 # 5 & 6 :

Young & Positive – Esther Sheehama talks about living with HIV

50:50 in the bedroom – Women claiming their sexual rights

Leah B – Doing time in a police holding cell for women

Being Leah B

Erna Chimu – Jazz singer with a message

The axe was the last straw

Exploring alternatives to violence

I am the owner of this farm

Obstacles to effective treatment for HIV and Aids

Being born intersex

Creative Writing

Brazil advances the international fight for LGBT rights

Our lives in our hands – An exhibition of photographs by Namibian women

Omunyasha nokwe shi tambula ko Esther Sheehama ta popi kombinga yokukala u na ombuto yo HIV

Roswitha Mushova-Ndumba – Kutunga nompito dehuguvaro

Life expectancy is down by ten years since independence

Jo-Ann’s soccer academy

Sisters set the pace at Lonmin mines

The best things in life are free

LinuxChix A sisterhood in computing

In search of Brother Namibia

Views of our brothers on gender stereotypes and women’s rights

Outside of the box

Break the cycle


Building the feminist movement in Namibia