General Crime and Violence

07 October 2016 Ava was the sacrificial lamb

12 October 2016 Katutura house case thrown out

5th August 2016 Shack fire victim dies

2nd August 2016 Accused wife denies plot to kill husband

28 July 2016 Emotionally and financially abused

25 July 2016 Police release arson suspect                

11th July 2016 Pensioner loses house in family feud

10th June 2016 Pastor tells woman to sell house 

10 July 2016 Lawyer sent back to prison for fraud

6th June 2016 Dillish deals in Shaningwa’s hands

3rd July 2016 Africa’s richest woman’s assets were paid by state money and public funds

Namibian Sun, 30the of June 2015, “Namibia’s shocking human rights violations”

The Namibian, 17th of June 2015, “No bail for drug trafficking suspects”

Namibian Sun, 16th of June 2015, “Robbed and beaten in Suiderhof”

The Namibian, 11th of June 2015, “Witness want immunity in SSC fraud trial”

The Namibian, 2nd of June, “Two dead, three injured in shooting”

The Namibian, 1st of June, “Tsumeb policeman accidentally shoots mother-in-law”

The Namibian, 13th of May, “Police officer denies murder charge”

The Namibian, 13th of May 2015, “Confessions of a Namibian drug mule”

Namibian Sun, 22nd of April 2015, “Homeless woman’s body unclaimed”

New Era, 14th of April 2015, “Woman cleared after completing sentence”

The Namibian, 10th of April 2015, “Knife killer jailed for 60 years”

New Era, 9th of April 2015, “Headmaster probed for sexual harrassment”

New Era, 18th of March 2015, “Cops probed for flings with inmates”

Namibian Sun, 17th of March 2015, “Martha and Frieda’s killers still walk free”

Namibian Sun, 11th of March 2015, “Police intensify search for missing girl”

Namibian Sun, 4th of March 2015, “Woman escapes fiery death after witchcraft claims”

New Era, 2nd of March 2015, “Eleven Murdered over Weekend”

Namibian Sun, 1st of March 2015, “Stop protecting Martha’s Killer – Nanso”

The Namibian, 6th of February 2015, “One year jail term for strangling”

Namibian Sun, 5th of February 2015, “N$10 shebeen killing ends with one-year jail term”

New Era, 14th of January 2015, “Man who allegedly staged suicide wants bail”

Case Susanna Nougab
The Namibian, 25th of February 2015, “Woman arrested for alleged murder in Tsumkwe”

Namibian Sun, 25th of February 2015 , “Tsumkwe murder accused granted bail”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of February 2015, “Woman arrested for senseless murder”

Case Police vs. Martha Ilonga
Namibian Sun, 23rd of February 2015, “Ombudsman not probing Martha’s cop killing”

Namibian Sun, 22nd of February 2015, reaction letter

Namibian Sun, 19th of February 2015, “Brave Martha loses her battle”

Namibian Sun, 17th of February 2015, “Cop shooting: Anger over Martha grows”

Namibian Sun, 16th of February 2015, “Shooting Victim’s Family, Friends accuse Police of Lying”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia