Inform, Not Criticise

Growing up as a black child there are so many things you can’t say.
Topics you can’t question.
Actions you can’t receive satisfactory reasoning to.
Sex is one of those.
It is assumed that there is an egg in your head that will one day hatch and reveal all the secrets of the mysteries.
First kids are isolated according to gender, then they can’t play together. So many rules but never good reason for them.
Almost every adult had to learn it the hard way and still we expose our young to the same ignorant shadows of life.
We are so scared to bring up the topic of sex.
We are afraid that by talking about it we will encourage promiscuous behavior.
I remember picking up a box of condoms at a clinic for one of our teenage pregnancy classes and the pharmacist handing me the condoms was criticizing how “we” are the ones teaching children bad behavior and promoting sex.

The reality is young people are getting sexually active without our (parents, guardians, & educators) influence and they are doing so poorly informed and sometimes 0% safety equipped.

Societal criticism has scared our young ones away from seeking health care services.
So applaud those bringing information to your children!
Let us promote positive actions by individuals and organisations that stimulate change in society.
Our youth deserve a chance at being well informed, they need advice before the “wrong”.

It is us that need to take the reigns on being educators at home and in the community.
We cannot continue the culture of “They’ll figure it out themselves”.
Let them pre-learn from our mistakes.
Matters of sex should be openly engaged.

By Elsarien A. Katiti