What’s In Your Handbag?

I carry straws in my handbag. Cute, brightly coloured, bendy straws. Mostly because I like to have my drinks with a straw, and therefore like to be prepared for times and places where there are no straws. It has however also just become quite amusing when I ask my friends and/or colleagues if they’d like a straw, and I pull out a pink or purple one from my bag.

One evening my straws and I were put to shame though,we had a small get-together at a friend’s place, and quite a number of wine bottles were involved, but lo, a corkscrew was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, Hularia Zaahl, known to many as “Hula”, says, “I have a corkscrew, I always carry it in my handbag.” Automatically she saved the night. No wine bottle heads had to be broken open, or better yet, no one had to lose a finger trying to attempt the sabrage technique.

I carry straws in my bag, she carries a corkscrew, ah, I had met my heroine. And it’s not just for opening wine too, Hula can use her corkscrew for other things like opening cans, should the need arise.  It is not the only handy item she carries in her handbag either, she also has a small torch and a screwdriver amongst other things, because you just never know when you might need them.

Apart from the handy tools, she also carries some handy medication, namely pain killers and Acitop. Those prone to pesky cold sores will understand, so once you start feeling that tingly itchy sensation creeping up, you know it is time to kill it with Acitop.

Commonly, a woman’s handbag houses lip gloss or balm, lipstick, face powder, perfume and her wallet. We would like to know what handy tools you carry in your handbag daily and what you use them for. Let’s discuss.

Written by Mimi Mwiya


Photo: Hularia Zaahl.