Celebrating 25 years of Sisterhood!

Founded in 1989, Sister Namibia has been at the forefront of striving for gender equality in Namibia through education and advocacy. The last 25 years has seen a significant growth in Sister Namibia with the circulation of our quarterly magazine, hosting feminist forums and workshops, as well as partnering with other organisations to raise awareness on the plight of those affected by gender based violence.

In this, our 25th year, Sister Namibia has put a strong focus on the youth. It is the youth that requires the most protection and support in our society. Therefore, we celebrated our 25th birthday on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 at the Warehouse Theatre.

The two-fold celebration, firstly, consisted of a photographic exhibition looking at the history of Sister Namibia’s through images, campaign posters and published magazines.

The second component, on the same evening, a musically filled Song Night featuring performances by Namibia’s best artists at a Song Night dedicated to the celebration of sisterhood.

The exhibition then moved to the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) under the title Celebrating 25 Years of Sisterhood: Sister Namibia – A Retrospective. That ran from 21 – 31st July.

As one of Namibia’s oldest NGOs Sister Namibia remains dedicated to developing a new feminist politics and consciousness. We aim to achieve a society that challenges all forms of discrimination and champions fair and inclusive practices through constant dialogue, critique and response to current issues. We strive to explore, question and challenge the diverse experiences of leadership, particularly those formed by traditional, patriarchal and hierarchal structures in order to formulate an understanding of leadership that espouses feminist principles. And we will continue so for the next 25 years!