December 2013 Edition

The Sister Namibia December 2013 magazine is out. It features entertainment and information. You will read 8 Christmas snippets, which tell of the highs and lows of 8 people.

dec 13 For some Christmas is a time of fun in the sun, while it is cooking from morning to evening and great loss for others. It shares the good news of the possibility of delivering an HIV negative baby. HIV is such a scary reality for many that they don’t seek information on their condition and therefore do not know that they can still live very good lives – even deliver babies who are 100% healthy. The edition also provides contact information on organisations that provide assistance in cases of gender-based violence. You will find four pages on the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare’s referral network system, which will guide you in terms of who to get help from and what to do in cases of sexual violations.

In addition to the aforementioned articles there is a poem and short story for either inspiration or entertainment.
And lastly we feature the lives of three phenomenal people. Jakobine Rhom, Simone and Jonathan. Read their stories and be inspired to be brave, to care for others, and to be willing to choose the kind and quality of your own life.