Men getting involved

Gender issues are often misconstrued as a “women’s issue” with men often feeling it’s not their battle to fight. Namibia has a number of exemplary men who make wonderful role models, be it as fathers who are present in their children’s lives and assist in all aspects, husbands and partners who are not emasculated by the idea of equality and generally just men of good upstanding who violence is not the “culture of real men” and do not shy away from speaking up! For this year’s 16 Days Campaign, Misa Namibia, Sister Namibia, Victims2Survivors and Her Liberty Namiia join forces to have the voices of these men heard.player w kids Keep an ear (and eye) out for these messages on your local (Namibian) radio stations, as well as on One Africa tv.

Children need us as fathers, don’t be an ATM father. Get involved! – Ngamane

Yo my man, Addressing your emotions is better than keeping quiet. So seek for advise before you act dangerously. We all are part of one big team called Namibia. So let’s make it violent free and achieve peace and dignity for all. Real men are not afraid to get help.– Alfred

Underneath my suit, I wear a super hero t-shirt, because I stand up for women and children. Don’t be afraid to get involved. You can save a life. Step-up and take responsibility. Let’s man up and break the silence.– Isaac

No one shall use any excuse to violate a woman or a child, not in my name. No one shall sexually objectify a woman or child, not in my name. Brothers, don’t allow them to hurt the vulnerable. Man-up and declare, not in my name.– Kaire

These are only some of the messages that were used for the Public Service Announcements of this year’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

Group photo 1 Man 2 with son Man 4 w boy