Adventures in super-woman land

The mother of an aspiring techno-geek daughter, I often have to listen to my daughter’s analysis of her current favorite genre of literature, the super-hero comic. Her preferred topic of conversation about the super-hero comic is how the super woman is betrayed. Almost every time she lapses into her excited monologues on the super-hero women, I tell her to write something about it. She dutifully agrees every time, but I am still waiting.

The consequence of all this talk, however, set me thinking about what an African Super-Woman (SW) might be like.

Unlike her northern-hemisphere counterpart, the African super woman cannot be seen to don a skimpy two piece – (top and bottom) outfit. Especially if her abode is in Rundu, where she immediately will attract the undesirable attention of over-zealous law enforcers, who instead of rushing to the side of a sexily-clad SW, will mistake her for the super villain and arrest her on the spot!

So what might our SW look like? In all probability, she will be rather demurely dressed in a below-the-knee-length dress or skirt. This will immediately eliminate any suspicion by those pesky police men whose only aim is to hog the pursuit of law and order in our own Gotham , er, Rundu City (RC). On her feet, instead of stylishly laced-up boots, she might wear a pair of plastic Chinese imports that will keep her feet firmly planted on mother earth. So, no flying around at supersonic speed for our Super Woman.

But she does have a trick up her sleeve, or should I say around her waist: For covering her dress, she will be wrapped in a sitenge which has the same effect as an invisibility cloak! This allows our Super Woman to stealthily move through towns and markets and to observe the comings and goings of both law-abiding and law-breaking citizens, with the option to intervene, should the situation require it. In fact she is so adept at blending in, that any woman walking the dusty roads of RC might be mistaken for her. 

Unlike her northern sister, our SW will not be allowed to live a fanciful life without children. This will immediately blow her cover. Ideally, southern SW will have a few kids in tow, preferably with one on the back or hip and another clinging tightly to the sitenge. Her super power will come to shine when it comes to single-handedly provide for and feed her brood. For, almost surely, the sperm donor has made a run for it, once confronted with the demands of the social unit. Our SW is also the able provider of household energy and water, while at the same time juggling a market stall and farming small hold.  Northern sister will be truly hard pressed by this feat!

But our SW does have something in common with northern super woman: Regardless of the task at hand, she will rise to the occasion. She will do so selflessly and stoically. Disregarding her own needs and/or interests, Super Woman will sacrifice herself for the good of her kith and kin!

For further adventures of SW, watch this spot!