Hatchlings into the cyber world

When we first started our first journey into the big realm of social network, we were cautioned by media expert Spectra that unless we want our blog to look like a badly written CV we would need to post something on a daily basis. Now you have to understand that the Sister Namibia team is completely challenged when it comes to all tech matters. Comprised of a BBC (born before computers) and a self proclaimed tech ignoramus, the Sister Namibia team can only admire the techno geek girls who are using this technology so effortlessly to link to the world.

Therefore our fellow cyber-space feminists, we ask you to be gentle with us. We will try to avoid tendencies that may suggest that we have a bad CV. Our midwife into this wonderful world of instantaneous and cyber reality is Amanda Moln who has the benefit of a Swedish education on her side. As for ourselves we had to contend with third rate education system typical for southern African countries. We nevertheless embrace this journey and trust that we will have lot of joy and growth from it.

// Laura & Mimi